Night Train Journey to Nador

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Blaze Grabowski
November 13, 2023

Writing halfway through the semester, my favorite experience to this point has without doubt been my weekend journey to Nador. When I told my professors I was traveling here, they were surprised, as most students do not ever make the trek across the country. But since there was a night train service, I did not perceive this journey to be that arduous. Our sleeper train service was very comfortable, my friend and I each had our own room and sink. 

Our program director had connected us with his cousin named Ali. He turned out to be our constant guide for the weekend, showing us all of the region's amazing sites and beaches. At night, we played cards with his cousins, where we learned a traditional card game called Ronda. 

Nador is situated on the Cap des Trois Fourches, which juts into the Alboran sea. On our first afternoon, we explored a cliff beach that had ten feet of crystal blue water. We soaked in the late September sun and swam through the deep cool waters. It was one of the most amazing beach experiences I ever had.

On our second day in the city, we visited the neighboring Spanish enclave of Melilla. Even though it is in North Africa on Morocco's coast, the city is controlled by Spain and is surrounded by an enormous border. When we stepped inside, it was as if we were transported across continents. The city exclusively resembled Spain, there was barely any evidence we were in Africa and not Europe. 

On our third day, we visited another one of the region's amazing beaches. This time, we visited a sand beach that had the same amazing sunshine and glorious blue water. 

Even though this is an unusual tourist destination for Moroccan study abroad students, I could not be more emphatic in my recommendation. The cities of Nador and Melilla have so much to offer, and their beaches are pristine. 

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