My Passport of Snapshots

Annie Lindenberg
March 27, 2017

Last night I returned from my final trip outside of London. I have gotten the opportunity to visit so many wonderful locations during my time studying abroad, and consequently have accrued many photographs. I thought it would be fun to go through all the pictures I have taken and pull out some of my favorites. You can get a glimpse of all the countries I have stamped in my passport through the photos I have as souvenirs.

In the order I visited them, here are my favorite pictures…

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen was a great first city to go to. It has a very interesting past and some wonderful places to visit. The weather may have been a tad cold, but certainly not cold enough to keep us from having a good time.

Zurich/Interlaken/Luzern, Switzerland

Switzerland had some of the most beautiful views, whether that be standing on a bridge or on top of a mountain.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh may be my favorite place I visited, though I’ve yet to fully decide. With its spooky history and a great vibe, it was a fun weekend with a nice ambiance.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin was cool, but my favorite part of Ireland was definitely the west coast. The beauty was simply unparalleled.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona was certainly the warmest place I have gotten to visit, and it has a distinctly different vibe from everywhere else I have been. The food was some of my favorite of all my trips.

Munich/Nürnberg, Germany

Germany was uniquely cool in that I had relatives from here to show me around. Knowing that my grandpa had come from Nürnberg and was raised in the city added a whole other layer to the trip. It was an incredible experience.


Overall, I am so grateful to have gotten the opporunity to travel to such enriching places. Also to have so many photos to remind me of it all. 

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