Lights, Camera, Action! Interning within the Film Industry in Rome

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Andrew Masciarelli
November 20, 2023
A snapshot from a premiere hosted by my Internship Provider, for which I hosted the red carpet as an interviewer!

One of the most unique challenges of my time abroad has come from balancing an internship alongside my course load. While it has been a challenge, this experience has been quintessential to defining my study abroad experience, and in this post I will focus on what has made this opportunity so memorable.

Overview of My Internship

As an economics major, I was initially scared about finding a good internship for myself in a city typically known for the arts. That said, I was so thrilled to learn about the potential chance to work as a finance intern with So Fare Films here in Rome. Being introduced to the company’s wide goal to further diversity, equity and inclusion around the world, I was all the more excited to interview for my position. Knowing that I could combine my passion for building a better world with a profession that would further my professional career was incredibly meaningful to me, especially as a first-generation college student.

Over the course of my internship, the expectations I had initially set for my experiences have been exceeded time after time. I feared I would fall into the stereotypical internship workflow of only carrying out menial tasks that do not contribute to my growth as an individual and employee. On the contrary; however, my position has accelerated my knowledge of the finance industry! I am constantly entrusted with responsibilities that enable me to not only learn about how a business operates but also share my ideas about how we can improve existing systems. As a result, my internship with So Fare has been one that continually encourages me to grow professionally through the acquisition of new skills while also enabling personal growth through the encouragement to speak my mind, collaborate with peers, and facilitate the implementation of new ideas and perspectives. All the while, I receive incredible feedback from my supervisor, who is continually available to answer questions, entertain my curiosities, and listen to my feedback about the overall workload I experience as the sole finance intern.

Unique Opportunities and Benefits of an Internship in Rome

In addition to the day-to-day flow of work, I have found my experience to be so enriching thanks to the culture that is embraced by my workplace. As a small company, I have the privilege of knowing nearly all of my coworkers and collaborating with them on projects that span several departments. In doing so, I have established countless, meaningful connections with my fellow team members, and a community has arisen outside of the workplace! 

Going even further on this experience, I have had the chance to explore outlets of new personal development through the unique expositions offered by So Fare Films. During October, the company celebrated the premiere of the third season of a documentary series, and I was able to step outside of my comfort zone, hosting the event as an interviewer who spoke to cast members, the audience, and the production team to collect feedback and explore commentaries on the new episodes! In doing so, I have built additional skills that will nurture me as an individual that is more confident in his ability to interact with others.


All in all, this has been an unforgettable experience that has become quintessential to defining my time in Rome. Whether it be the glitz and glamor of the red carpet or the late nights crunching numbers and analyzing data, it is no question as to how meaningful this internship has been to my future.


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