Uncovering Some of Rome's Best Restaurants

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Andrew Masciarelli
November 27, 2023
A photo of an Octopus-based dish at Cambio in Trastevere

In a country that has claimed fame for its cuisine, it is no surprise that Rome is home to a slew of restaurants that offer the most incredible dishes. In today’s post, I will aim to share a few restaurants at which I have become a frequent diner, whether it be for the pasta, pizza, or wider menu offerings!


Cambio: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Located in the heart of the Trastevere neighborhood just south of the IES Abroad center sits a modern restaurant. With a brunch menu that is full of soul-warming comfort options, a unique aperitivo menu, and live music some nights, Cambio offers a quality dining experience all throughout the day. In addition, Cambio offers cuisine that deviates from the typical pasta and pizza, from an absolutely unmatched guacamole packed with flavor to an octopus-based dish, there is no shortage of new food for those moments when you may not be craving Italian cuisine.


Alfredo e Ada: Home-style Cuisine

Just a 5-minute walk from the IES Abroad center, we have Alfredo e Ada. A quaint spot on a busy street, this place is easy to miss when you aren’t looking. In the evenings, however, a line tends to form, highlighting this hidden jewel. On their menu are the traditional Roman pastas: cacio e pepe, carbonara, amatriciana, and gricia. Their homemade pasta is blended with delightful flavors that will keep you wanting more. That said, it is easy to keep coming back for the cozy familial atmosphere that you will find yourself falling in love with. Their offerings are exceptionally affordable, with a heaping portion of pasta costing 10-12 Euros and complimentary bread to enjoy with the dish. All in all, this simple, comfort restaurant is one that has been around for several decades with quality dishes to warrant it!


50 Kalo: The Michelin Rated Pizzeria

I have not ever enjoyed a pizza the same way I did at 50 Kalo. While it is quite far out in comparison to the other restaurants on this list, it is so incredibly worth the trip. The only pizza restaurant in Rome on the Michelin guide, one would be led to believe that the dining experience would be quite costly. On the contrary, however, I found myself enjoying an entire Neapolitan style pizza for less than 10 Euros. In addition to its cost effectiveness, the pizza was unparalleled. Every style of pizza on the menu is paired with its own olive oil to enhance the flavors, and this attention to detail is one that has left me with a special place in my heart for 50 Kalo. The restaurant is extremely popular, so definitely make a reservation before heading over!



On that note, there are an abundance of incredible restaurants scattered throughout every street in Rome. My advice? Never be scared to take a wrong turn and end up somewhere new. There is bound to be a new restaurant waiting to be explored. In such, you may discover your favorite new spot or learn a thing or two about a new dish you can take home with you after your study abroad semester!

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