3 Days and Counting

Andrea Anderson
May 25, 2015

So I've never actually written a blog before...and all of the journals I've ever kept are...well let's just say they're all still in progress. But I figure this will be a good experience for me, and I'm so excited to actually finish a journaling escapade for once! 

I was looking at other blog posts to get an idea of how this is all supposed to work, and everyone seems to start out their first blog by introducing themselves and listing majors/minors, you know the drill. But I figure that's all in my bio anyways, so do your research y'all, no need for that here!

In 2 days I leave for Amsterdam, where I am studying abroad, and in 3 days I’ll actually be there. I’m taking two courses with IES Abroad and I am beyond excited. My program is Society, Culture, and Gender in Amsterdam, which is basically everything I love in life. I can’t wait to explore another culture through a feminist lens and to really get to learn about another nation’s gendered history and present-day.

I've decided I'm going to fill this blog with lists, because for anyone who knows me, lists make my world go round. So here we go:

Pre-Departure To-Do List:

  • Create packing list
  • Do laundry
  • Pack (easier said than done am I right?)
  • Upload books on kindle (should I reread all the Harry Potter books this summer?)
  • Print out boarding passes and arrival instructions
  • Collect addresses from friends to send them postcards
  • Buy new sunglasses and water bottle
  • Download Skype onto my computer (before my mom does it for me)
  • Order textbooks
  • Read and reread all info pertaining to trip
  • Email my roommate (why have neither of us done this yet?)
  • Write blog post

As someone who lives by her to-do lists, this Amsterdam one looks so much less daunting than I feel it should, aka I'm terrified. Maybe it would help to make a list of everything I’m terrified of. I’m scared I’m:

  • Not going to make any friends (I’m the only person going from my school)
  • I’m going to spend my 21st birthday alone in my room (8 days y’all!)
  • Going to get lost a lot (I have zero sense of direction)
  • Not going to understand anything (I don’t know any Dutch)
  • Not going to be able to carry my suitcase by myself (I think it’s bigger than me)

Okay, so looking at it written down definitely makes it seem less daunting. I think I’ll be okay, right? And in the spirit of being okay, and in fact more than okay, here is a wholly incomplete list of everything I’m excited for:

  • Being in a new city and country!
  • Trying new foods (specifically the stroopwafels!)
  • Visiting all of the museums
  • Having canal-side picnic in a park
  • Biking around the city
  • Sipping on a coffee near the canals
  • Going to street markets
  • Experiencing Amsterdam nightlife
  • Making new friends
  • Going to the Parade (Netherlands theatre festival)
  • Experiencing the city from the water on a boat
  • Visiting local bookstores and coffee shops
  • Getting an iconic picture with the I Amsterdam sign (and some less iconic pictures around the city)
  • Experiencing “gezelligheid,” a Dutch word that is tricky to translate into English but roughly translates into a “cozy” or “welcoming” atmosphere/feeling

Can’t wait to update you all on my adventures! Amsterdam, see you soon :)

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Andrea Anderson

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