Tokyo Disneyland

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Ana Schepps
October 31, 2022
Tokyo Disneyland

On September 29th, I went to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time! When I came to Japan in 2017, I somehow did not remember that Japan had two different Disney parks, so I never went to them. I am so happy to have gone because I am a huge Disney buff and went to Disney World back in December. My love for the parks was rekindled, though I do not miss the long lines and standing around until my feet hurt.

There were definitely pros and cons to Disneyland and I am happy to share them. One pro was the low cost compared to both Disneyland and Disney World in the U.S. For example, 1-day park tickets at Disney World cost on average $120-130, while 1-day tickets at Tokyo Disneyland are 8,400~8,900 yen (about $50-60 USD). The cost alone makes Tokyo Disneyland far more affordable. The next pro is the overall cheapness of food at the park. For example, 3 alien mochis are about 400 yen or $2 USD, while a small pizza at Disney World Magic Kingdom can cost $15 USD. Another pro would be the shortness of most lines, as they rarely exceed the 2-hour mark. Disney World’s Rise of the Resistance can often leave riders waiting for 3 hours to ride the ride. It makes it easier to hit all the major rides at Tokyo Disneyland. The last pro would be the magic of the Beauty and the Beast Ride. On the ride, it was like watching a Disney movie come to life with how smooth the animatronics were. I highly recommend trying the ride out if you go to Tokyo Disneyland.

Now we have to talk about some the cons. First, the lack of treats to try. There were churros, popcorn, and ice cream, but not much else. The sweets shop sold treats that were in containers, so no interesting cakes or similar desserts. Also, if you are looking for buttered popcorn, good luck. They have unique popcorn flavors, but sometimes I just crave something simple as opposed to soy sauce popcorn. The next con would be the general crowdedness at all times. No matter what day of the week you go, the parks are absolutely packed and wait times can increase rapidly at the most popular times. This happens at other parks around the world, but it is a con nonetheless. One last con is the lack of fast passes available at the park. You can buy fast passes to some rides, such as the Beauty and the Beast one for 2,000 yen or $14-$15 USD, but there is no system such as Genie+ due to covid. This can make it difficult once the night hits and you’re too exhausted to wait hours for one ride. I hope the fast pass is implemented soon so that people do not have to wait as long, though that may be a pipe dream for now.

I don’t want to spoil too much in the end, so I will not discuss what exactly there is to see aside from you will definitely not be disappointed. If you have the ability to go, I highly recommend that you do because it’s much more affordable and still has plenty to offer when it comes to rides. Some of the rides I will recommend are: Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, and The Happy Ride with Baymax.

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