Sailor Moon Museum

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Ana Schepps
October 19, 2022
Sailor Moon Museum

On September 24th, I was able to go see the Sailor Moon Museum in Roppongi! When I was a child, I fell in love with Sailor Moon due to the transformation sequences, the characters’ personalities, and the story itself. It’s one of the series that I would credit for helping me grow into the person I am today, as I grew attached to the characters throughout the course of the series. Going to the museum was like stepping back into my past and reliving the most magical moments of my childhood.

The first exhibit was home to all the different wands and weapons by the characters of the series. I have always wanted to own wand replicas from Sailor Moon, but they are incredibly expensive, so getting to see them in all their glory up close was a real treat! After that, we were led to a room with various art pieces from each arc of the anime and parts of the manga. It was an incredibly colorful view! I really enjoyed being able to see so much of my childhood in a single section. 

After this exhibit, my friends and I walked into a room full of Sailor Moon memorabilia, including toys, replica dresses, and everything ever created officially for the series. I definitely felt like I was in the room of my dreams with all the fascinating merchandise I was unable to buy due my age at the time and not being in Japan. I will say that my favorite part of the room was the dresses themselves because they were so intricately designed and showed how much love was put into every stitch. I also enjoyed being able to point out which pieces of merchandise I already enjoyed and what I hope to own someday in the future.

From there, we were led into a room full of the iconic water color works by the creator and in this section, we could not take pictures. I have always loved water color from a young age and I credit that to the Sailor Moon manga. I wish I could have owned the pieces, but I knew it would either be impossible to own or so expensive that my wallet would cry. Either way, I enjoyed seeing the various displays of artwork from different covers of the manga and artwork that was presented in the manga, but not in color. This was also, unfortunately, the last exhibit of the museum.

At the very end of the museum was the gift shop, which we were only allowed to go into one time. That meant I had to buy everything I wanted all at once, which absolutely hurt my wallet. I do not regret my purchases, but it’s scary how quick prices can pile up once you start collecting little things. I mostly bought folders and acrylic stands, but love them all the same!

The last part of the museum was the café that you were able to attend before and after you entered the museum! It was about a 30–40-minute wait, but this was my first themed café and I did not want to miss out on any experiences. I got a Sailor Moon omurice dish, which is similar to Spanish rice under an omelet. Sailor Moon herself was decorated on the plate in sugar and overall, I liked the dish way more than I was expecting to! Overall, it was an incredibly fun day for me to relive parts of my childhood and get to see all there is about Sailor Moon in the span of a few hours.

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