Ginza - Art Aquarium

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Ana Schepps
November 23, 2022
Ginza - Art Aquarium

On October 6th, I went to the art aquarium museum in Ginza and experienced one of the most beautiful days of my life to date. Words cannot describe how magical the museum was, though I'll do my best.

This museum is a weird mix of different types of goldfish and lighting. There were all kinds of sections, such as the entrance that included hundreds of fish tanks that lit up in different colors. There was also a section where the tanks were mini squares with open tops, making it a great place to snap pictures of the fish. My favorite part, however, was the section with the moon in the background. I took way too many pictures at this museum and I cannot wait to show them.

I will say, despite how magical this place is, there are a few cons I had with it. Firstly, it’s actually fairly small for the price paid. It cost ¥2,300, which is ¥100 less than the largest aquarium in Osaka that comes with 8 floors and thousands of different species. The aquarium is also incredibly small, making it difficult to visit on packed days or national holidays as it will take forever to get through. Another con is how ethical the exhibit may be. I do not know much about ethics when it comes to aquariums, but this one is on the 9th floor of a department store where the fish have so little room to move, which is why I doubt it’s very ethical. I do not know if the fish are moved overnight, but I find it difficult to believe they could even do that.

There are still plenty of upsides, with beauty being just one of them. The department store concept can go both ways as it's a great place to go if you also need some retail therapy. Though, you should have money on you because this department store has all the mega brand names you can think of, from LV to Gucci. This also includes lots of different dessert places with fancy cakes that you know will melt in your mouth. The museum is also a great place to get away from the noise for a bit as, despite being in a department store, it feels distant from the rest of the store. It's very quiet and soothing, which also makes for a great place to go alone. 

I highly recommend bringing a nice camera to this museum because, at least with the iphone, the night mode can make it difficult to snatch really nice photos. Having a large camera will definitely add to the beauty and atmosphere of the place. I also recommend bringing some cash for the gift shop, which holds plushies, earrings, postcards, food, and more! Though, the jewelry is pretty pricey for what it is. Either way, this is a must-see for museum and aquarium lovers as it brings both worlds together for a pleasing exhibit.

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