Tips for studying in Barcelona

Alison Castaneda
December 8, 2015
  1. Buy a 3-month metro pass: This pass can be used for the metro, bus, tram, nitbus.
  2. Along with the theme of public transportation, download the TMBApp. It gives you the accurate time arrivals for every metro and bus stop.
  3. Google maps works on airplane mode. Although you can’t look up directions, it does tell you where you are and what direction you are facing, it also tells you the names of streets.
  4. Google Maps also lets you save locations and it will still show your saved locations while on airplane mode.
  5. Take into account how many trips you are going to plan while abroad. Don’t plan them all in the same month like I did..oops! And plan them in advance.
  6. There is an Aerobus that leaves from Plaça Catalunya that goes directly to Terminal 1 or 2 of the Barcelona El Prat airport! It was very convenient to use when going on weekend trips. You can buy tickets at the stop or online.
  7. If you want to improve your Spanish, do a homestay! It’s a great way to practice speaking.
  8. Also since lunch isn’t provided for a homestay, it is cheaper and easier to buy some groceries and make lunch each day. I usually made sandwiches
  9. Get a Spanish cell phone. I got a flip phone, put 20 euros on it and it has lasted me all semester. I mainly used this phone to get in contact with my friends when meeting up somewhere.You can also bring an old unlocked iPhone and buy a Spanish sim card, that way you can have data if you need it.
  10. Bring a warm coat. Especially if you’re traveling to colder places in November/December
  11. Save money ahead of time, know how to budget your money.
  12. Don’t be afraid of meeting new people, keep an open mind, give everyone you meet a chance.
  13. Download WhatsApp, Viber, GroupMe, etc. for communicating with family and friends back at home. iMessage works on wifi!

I've included some photos of Sagrada Familia..another tip, go to Sagrada Familia! It left me speechless.

Reflection of the stained glass windows.

The ceiling!


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