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Come y bebé que la vida es breve

Alison Castaneda
November 29, 2015

The title of this post translates to "eat and drink, that life is short." Which means, life is short so eat what you want! It's okay to indulge in something enjoy, you're only here (abroad) for a limited amount of time, so why not have a chocolate covered pastry with your coffee or another serving of patatas bravas? ;)


One of the first things I did when I found out I was going to study abroad in Barcelona was look up traditional Spanish food. I think the cuisine is a huge part of the culture in any country, so I was very excited to try all these new dishes. These are just a few photos of things that I have tried and that I love. Come and have a taste of Barcelona!

The traditional pan con tomate.

There are a lot of cafes in Barcelona, my favorite is El Mos. There are two locations that I frequently go to and they're about a 5 minute walk from the IES Abroad Center: 1 and 2

Patatas Bravas. My favorite place that I've been to is in Sarrià called Bar Tomás. It is said that they have the best patatas bravas in Barcelona.

Bomba de patatas.

In Spain they do Menú del Día which means "menu of the day" where you can choose your appetizer, main dish, and dessert and most of the time it includes bread and a drink, all for a flat price, per person. The price depends where you go but usually it's always a good deal. The first time I did it, this is what I ordered, melón con jamón, chicken, and crema catalana. My host mom recommended me this place. Monday through Friday, the lunch menu of the day is 10,95€.

Patatas con embutido.

Cuttlefish and octopus.



Traditional Paella and Seafood Paella.

Seafood paella that I made with my host mom!

Typical types of tapas, pan con tomate, embutido (chorizo, salami, and fuet), and tortilla de patatas (potatoes).

Chocolate with churros. My favorite place in Barcelona can be found here.

Another form of chocolate with churros, this was in Granada, I went here.

Gelato is more popular in Europe than ice cream. My favorite place to go to is called Gelaaati!

A gelato sandwich with lavender gelato and warm toasty buns. If you go to Girona, you can find this place here.

Ensaïmadas, a pastry from Mallorca. I got these from my favorite cafe, El Mos.

Donuts from Chök, off Las Ramblas.

And let's not forget about the café con leche!!

Last but not least, sangría, this was from Bar Estudiantil

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