Lessons from Ecuador

Allie Mckinzie
July 1, 2018
Maquipucuna Reserve

Since I landed in Ecuador, life has been a blur of classes and excursions to different places all over the country. Though I’ve had amazing experiences and have grown closer to my friends and family, I’ve had little time to reflect on all that I’ve learned. This blog post will attempt to sum up all of the important lessons I have learned during my time in Ecuador.

Through my trips to the natural wonders of Ecuador, such as Cotopaxi National Park, Yasuni National Park, and the Maquipucuna Reserve, I’ve learned a new appreciation for nature. During these excursions, I’ve meet countless Ecuadorians who are passionately supporting conservation and who are tirelessly carrying out research to help the environment. There are even laws in the Ecuadorian constitution under the name sumak kawsay, or good living in the indigenous Quechua language, that give rights to nature. Furthermore, from my interactions with my host family, I’ve come to appreciate a different approach to family life. My host mother is openly caring and affectionate, always concerned with my wellbeing and whether or not I’ve eaten enough. Though it’s strange to have someone so involved in my life, I’ve come to love the very tight-knit family lifestyle. All in all, the small cultural differences that I have seen until now in Ecuador are the same reasons why I love this country.

Allie Mckinzie

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