A Busy Sunday

Alexander Paone
April 17, 2013

This past weekend was a busy one, but Sunday was especially busy.

Taste of Cape Town is a big food festival that happened this week near the stadium in Green Point. The festival featured Cape Town’s top restaurants and wineries, and you have the chance to sample as much as you like using special vouchers. I made it my goal to expand my horizons and sample things I had never tried before. First I had crispy pork belly strips with tomato chutney, then duck with edamame in risotto, then caesar salad with quail. Everything was delicious, and we walked around for a while sampling wine and deserts.

Taste of Cape Town food festival in Green Point

I left my friends in Green Point to catch a taxi to Table Mountain where I was meeting another friend to finally hike the recently named World Wonder for sunset. I was running a little late since I was coming from Green Point so we took the fastest route up to make it in time for sunset. We soon realized that the trail we took was pretty much one endless staircase to the top of the mountain. It took us about two hours to reach the top, but it was one of the most rewarding hikes I have ever done. The conditions were perfect at the top and the views were stunning. The sky was clear and we were far above some heavy clouds rolling in from the ocean, hugging the coast and making their way between the mountains.

Top of Table Mountian

To get down the mountain we took the cable car, a huge gondola that rotates as it goes up and down the mountain. It was much faster than we had expected, cruising down to the base station in about 4 minutes.

Lion’s Head and the city from the top of Table Mountain. The white stadium to the far right is where I was earlier at the food festival.

After some haggling with a taxi driver Eric and I made it back to Rosebank. I was pretty exhausted from the hike, but I had enough time to get ready and meet everyone who was going to Camp’s Bay for the evening. We had heard throughout the semester that Camps Bay was a great place to go on Sundays, and we were finally able to make it. The best part of the evening was that there were so many of us there all together.

View of Lion’s Head at sunset from the Table Mountain Cable Car.


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