Basking in Bologna!

Alanna Williams
March 18, 2019

Bologna was by far one of the most recommended places for me to visit. Not to mention, I had an Italian professor in high school who was from Bologna and she didn’t have enough great things to say about the city. I was beyond excited to go! I took an hour-long train ride from Milano Centrale to Bologna Centrale. I headed straight for the towers, as they were what I had heard and learned the most about. The streets were filled with people. There were so many artists, street performers, and visitors. What made it even better was that there was an Antiques market going on right in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica. People were selling all types of antique things from little trinkets to glass sculptures to huge pieces of furniture. It also was surprisingly organized for an open market. We finally made it to the towers, which stood at the intersection of three different roads. They really were in the center of everything like I had learned. It was so cool! We took a few pictures there and continued to walk around and do some shopping. Of course while in Bologna you have to get Bolognese! My friend and I stopped at a local restaurant to get the famous dish and as expected, it was the best Bolognese that I have ever had. We continued to explore the area and visited as many historical monuments as possible. The only thing that we didn’t get to do was go to the school! However, I plan on returning very soon to finish seeing it all!

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Alanna Williams

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