First Week

Adrienne Ruth
September 16, 2013

Hallo! I guess it is about time I did a post for my first week in Freiburg. It has been a little over a week, but between the intensive first week of classes, just getting to know people and exploring the city, I haven’t really had a free moment. So after waking up, making breakfast, applying for my Model EU position, doing my laundry in the kitchen sink and playing soccer and running home in the pouring rain , I sit down with a warm cup of cinnamon hot chocolate to reflect about this past week and look over my photos. 

First off, I love Freiburg, so much so I am beginning to think I won’t leave when December rolls around. The city is just unbelievable and I find it hard to express in writing how great it is. Not only is it great to just wander around, but the people are friendly and fantastic. My favorite hang out so far is O’Kelly’s Irish Pub (I know, I am in Germany and I am hanging out in an Irish pub.) The staff is mainly native English speakers and are just really fun people. I am the unofficial DJ for the pub and have earned a few free beers. The place is always packed, especially when a soccer game is on, but they also play baseball and football.

Secondly, I love my program! The other students are have been such a delight to get to know. We all spent last week suffering with piles of reading but found moments to take a break (that’s how we discovered O’Kelly’s.) Well, that is all for now. I need to make dinner and pack for Berlin and Prague. Look forward to more photos from Freiburg (once the rain stops I will actually walk around with my camera) and posts from Berlin and Prague! Cheers!  

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Adrienne Ruth

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