The Ending of One Chapter, the Beginning of the Next

Adrienne Ruth
August 26, 2013

As I begin to think about packing and organizing my things for Frieburg, I reflect on my time in Turkey. This summer will be my third and last summer in Ankara. My dad is military and was assinged to the Embassy in December of 2010. It is hard for me to think that three years have gone by so quickly and that I am half way done with college. My first summer here was the start of a new chapter. I had just graduated high school and would begin freshman year in the fall. Therefore, it is fitting that my last summer will also be the start to a new chapter as I venture off to Germany.

Looking back, I did a lot in my time here, especially this summer. I had the great opportunity to be a State Department intern, working in the Regional Security Office. It has been an amazing experience and has inspired me to potentially pursue a career with the Diplomatic Security Service. Besides work, I have been able to travel going to Gaziantep in the south of Turkey, Romania and Sardinia. I have made some amazing friends and contacts, including meeting some great German interns who I hope to visit while I am there.

I write this on my last weekend here. I spent Friday hanging out with all the great interns and friends I have made. Today I went to my final game of soccer with the military diplomats, ran last minute errands and will enjoy a meal with our Italians friends. Tomorrow will be a busy day of packing, making sure my room is ready to be moved, and enjoying Ankara. Luckily I don’t have to say goodbye to my parents yet as we are taking a week before my program starts to explore Switzerland, Northern Italy and Freiburg (I will post photos during my trip.)

Here are some snapshots of my summer:

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Adrienne Ruth

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