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Buenos Aires, Argentina

While we’re all for getting out of town, this Latin American capital city has so many districts and neighborhoods, you’ll find yourself traveling within the city itself quite a bit.

Thinking bigger and further away? The Patagonia is a must to have on your list (students who take The Making of Patagonia course enjoy a multi-day course-related excursion there!). Not to forget the many Latin American countries and major cities (think Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, and Santiago), which are just a trip away. In fact, our Multi-Location Emerging Economies Program lets you take advantage of all that Buenos Aires and Santiago have to offer as you split your semester across the two cities.

Get ready to embrace your traveler lifestyle when you study abroad in Buenos Aires.

Study Abroad in Buenos Aires

“Be bold. We always give ourselves a million excuses not to do something. The truth is no one knows how to live a correct life, but what makes it worthwhile are the experiences you let yourself take on that journey.”
Carver C. • University of Iowa • Paris Summer – Internship

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