Can studying abroad jump-start your career? Our findings say yes!

By living and learning abroad, IES Abroad students develop highly sought-after professional skills—adaptability, communication, self-awareness, confidence—that not only make them more hireable, but also launch their career. Our survey findings show key career benefits of study abroad, including:


INCREASED HIREABILITY Most IES Abroad alumni feel that studying abroad helped them develop valuable job skills, such as language proficiency, cultural understanding, tolerance for ambiguity, adaptability, and self-confidence.


JOBS SECURED MORE QUICKLY AFTER GRADUATION Nearly three quarters of IES Abroad alumni secured their first job within two months of graduation.


HIGHER STARTING SALARIES IES Abroad alumni earn an average of $6,000 more in starting salaries (compared to recent U.S. college graduates from the National Career Outcomes Report).


HIGHER ACCEPTANCE INTO GRAD SCHOOL 90% of IES Abroad alumni continuing on to graduate school earned admission into their 1st or 2nd choice graduate or professional school.

IES Abroad Alumni Career Outcomes Research

From a ground-breaking 50-year longitudinal study (2002) to a timely study of economic recession/post-recession outcomes (2012), IES Abroad has a rich history of leading the field of international education in quantitative research on the practical outcomes of studying abroad. The most recent study was conducted in April 2016 to assess the impact study abroad has on a recent graduate's career. A total of 1,205 IES Abroad alumni who graduated college between 2012 and 2015 responded to the survey.

We believe that more and more employers are realizing the extraordinary benefits of study abroad, and are seeking out graduates who have had study abroad experiences. Key jobs skills such as adaptability, global understanding and tolerance, leadership, and independence are directly fostered by learning and living abroad. For parents concerned about the return on their investment, studying abroad offers some very clear benefits for graduates.

Dr. Mary M. Dwyer, President & CEO of IES Abroad


Looking for more? View a PDF of more results of the 2016 Career Outcomes of Study Abroad Students survey and the 2012 Recent Graduates Survey: The Impact of Studying Abroad on Recent College Graduates’ CareersSee also the results of our 50-Year Alumni Study.