Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through Instagram, following your friends' travel adventures, wallowing in FOMO?

Do you often try—and fail—to play partner sports by yourself?

Have your usual dining pals abandoned you for Spanish tapas, authentic ramen, or South African bobotie?

If you've experienced any of these symptoms, you may be susceptible to FONSA...the Fear of Not Studying Abroad. Watch this video to see if you're one of them and how together we can make FONSA a fear of the past.

Fear of Not Studying Abroad Affects Millions of Students

Victoria bw fonsa

"I knew I had FONSA when I developed pain in my thumb from swiping through so many of my friends’ study abroad photos. You get one right-hand thumb in this life—and I blew it.”

Marlowe bw fonsa

"I knew I had FONSA when I didn’t have anyone to play ping pong with anymore, as all my friends left campus to study abroad. You can only play ping pong alone for so long before you’re forced to take a long, hard look at yourself.”

josh bw fonsa

"I knew I had FONSA when I had to start eating lunch alone because all my friends were studying abroad. They always got me to try new foods, but now that they’re gone, I’ve had nothing but hot dogs for months."

Together, Let's Make FONSA a Fear of the Past

Remedy Your FONSA

Study abroad is open to everyone, and financial aid is available. Talk to your study abroad advisor today to determine which program is right for you.

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a group of students pose for a photo high up above the ocean in Australia
Positive side effects of study abroad may include but are not limited to: an amazing Instagram profile, a better chance of getting hired, a horde of jealous friends, having a darn good time, a new and refreshing comfort with ambiguity, eating delicious crepes, higher starting salaries, higher rate of acceptance into grad school, overall confidence, improved language skills, lifelong friendships, becoming a global citizen, intercultural competence, select Briticisms in your speech patterns, independence, yet more independence, the discovery of new and exciting foods, learning more about yourself, valuable life experience, having a global mindset, going on and possibly becoming addicted to exhilarating adventures, finding yourself, a transformed understanding of your capabilities tempered by a redefined perspective on life and your place on this fragile planet we call Earth, finding a new family abroad, acquiring a global network, discovering a new passion or career path, memories that last a lifetime, the inability to stop talking about study abroad, increased consumption of ravioli and gelato, a more respectably checked-off bucket list, the good kind of nostalgia (you know, when you look back fondly rather than just longingly), being able to read a map like an actual person, and up to and including going abroad again…and again…and again.