Electronic Transcripts

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IES Abroad offers institutions and students the option of receiving transcripts via electronic delivery.

How to Sign Up
If you are interested in signing up for electronic delivery or if you have any questions, contact Ellen Rosenwinkel at [email protected] or 800.995.2300.

Benefits of Electronic Transcripts
Electronic transcripting is being adopted system-wide on many university campuses across the country.  Here’s why:

  • Secure: Only the intended recipient will be able to access the transcript thereby limiting the number of “hands” that touch a document. The recipient can then share it with whomever necessary.
  • Timely: Official transcripts are delivered and downloaded by the recipient all within minutes on any computer as opposed to waiting for standard mail delivery.
  • Sustainable: No paper, or transportation are involved in this process, and it also limits the amount of paper storage needed.

How Electronic Transcripting Works
The electronic delivery method involves a two step e-mail process which is sent to whomever you have indicated as the appropriate recipient for your institution. IES Abroad has partnered with Parchment to deliver electonic transcripts.

Out electronic transcript looks exactly the same as the paper transcript, but it is in PDF format and is embedded with a unique digital signature. After downloading the transcript, the recipient can verify its authenticity, proving that it was created and published by IES Abroad.

The PDF transcript can be downloaded and saved to any location (on the desktop, selected folders or on a file server) selected by the recipient.  It can also be printed byt he receipient. 

Designed for easy reference and retrieval, each transcript is an individual PDF document with a document name that includes the student name, program attended, and the date it was produced.  However, multiple transcripts can be delivered at once—saving time and email!

Many of our consortium member institutions enjoy the benefits of receiving electronic transcripts from IES Abroad, including Indiana University – Bloomington, Occidental College, Penn State University, Santa Clara University, William Jewell College,  and Wofford College.

Student Transcript Requests
The partnership between IES Abroad and Parchment also allows students to request an official transcript through our alumni transcript order system for delivery to themselves, their university, or any other destination they choose by visiting this site.