PS 360 - Transcultural Psychology: Clinical and Diagnostic Challenges in the Assessment and Treatment of Culturally Diverse Patients

The course will analyze the field of Transcultural Psychology referring to basic theories as well as current research areas and outcomes from the most relevant contemporary authors. Students will be involved in a unique process of learning and personal growth, and guided through making the most out of their present transcultural experience in Milan by exploring and acknowledging their current perspective of international students.

The course is divided into different areas, covering notions of Transcultural Psychology Theories, Clinical Psychology, Diagnostic Approaches to culturally diverse patients with particular attention to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and the field of Psychotraumatology, Cultural Competence and integrated therapy modules. The course will also explore the implementation of therapeutic modalities which go ‘ beyond language barriers’ such as Dog Assisted Therapy though the analysis of scientific literature and experiential role plays with a Certified Dog for Pet Therapy in the classroom. Students will be involved in lectures and activities specifically aimed at building their cultural competence as well as deep critical thinking skills.

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