PO/IR/EC 342 - Chile: Regional and Global Trade Organizations

This course focuses on Chilean political and economic issues relating to regional trade organizations within the global context from a Chilean viewpoint. The course will include guest lecturers and visits to local representatives. It begins by assessing Chile’s major trading relations. Students will analyze the roles of politics and local economic powers and their interrelationships through the major political, economic and trade regimes such as G7, LAIA, LAES, Cartagena (G-l1), and MERCOSUR. The course will assess the impact of international institutions such as IADB, IMF, APEC, the WTO, etc. on national policy making and economic development: NAFTA treaty and the project of a Free Trade Zone for the Americas, political and trade linkages with European Union and Bilateral Chilean Agreements.

The purpose of this course is to make a revision and a broad analysis of the insertion of Chile into the global scenario. Students will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the commerce organizations in the context of economic liberalization.

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International Relations
Political Science

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