MS 391 - Individual Performance Studies - Instrumental

Individual Performance Studies is dedicated to a hands-on approach to the performance of music under the supervision of professional Milanese musicians. The number of credits awarded is determined by the number of contact hours with the personal instructor, number of hours of private practice, and the preparation of a private solo recital according to the following criteria:


MS 391 for three credits:

  • 12 hours of private instruction
  • 75 or more hours of independent practice
  • Preparation and presentation of five pieces from the Operatic and/or Italian Art song repertoire 
  • The student must present all of the above in hearing before their teacher and at least one member of the IES music faculty a few days in advance of the concert; only upon a successful hearing can the concert take place and a third credit be granted for the course
  • The total performance time of the recital will be at least 25 minutes
  • The performer will play the whole program by heart 
  • An audio (and, if possible, also a video) recording will be made of the performances
  • The student’s private instructor and a member of the IES Milan music program must attend and evaluate the recital; this evaluation constitutes one component (50%) of the final grade.


For each private lesson, students are expected to complete at least 7 hours of individual practice. Students enrolled in Individual Performance Studies may not use private instruction or hours of preparation that are required as a part of the Music Performance Workshop in order to receive credit for this course.

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