LT/CU 270 - Celtic Myth and Legend in Early Ireland

This interdisciplinary course offers students an introduction to Irish heroic literature, Celtic mythology and Irish fairy tales and folklore. We will read a selection of early Irish tales from The Mythological Cycle, The Ulster Cycle, The Cycle of Finn and The Historical Cycle, exploring what literary genres our stories fit into, the significance of various recurring themes and symbols, the connections between Celtic mythology and other world mythologies and the origins of Arthurian legends as based upon Celtic prototypes. These stories offer a fascinating insight into the complex world of pre-Christian and early Christian Ireland by painting vivid portraits of life, culture and legends in pagan times. In addition to the literature aspect of this course, we will also explore insular and continental Celtic archaeology and early Irish history, both of which will enable us to place our stories within a tangible, historical framework. We will also examine legends of otherworldly beings that are particular to Ireland, such as the banshee, the leprechaun and the pooka—discussing how, over time, the mythology and pagan beliefs of early Ireland transformed into Irish folklore and superstitions.

NOTE: This course is offered during the regular semester and in the summer. For summer sections, the course schedule is condensed, but the content, learning outcomes, and contact hours are the same.

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Cultural Studies

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