IT/CU 370 - Italian Conversation: Culture and Cuisine

This course gives students the opportunity to practice Italian language while helping them approach one of the most important and world-‐‐renowned aspects of Italian culture: la cucina italiana. Classes will alternate conversations sessions, where students will use the language to explain recipes and to exchange information about Italian regional characteristics, with practical cooking lessons. Classes at IES Center will be focused on Italian language practice: students will be asked to discuss about Italian recipes, cultural differences in cooking and in the approach to food. We will also discuss idiomatic expressions related to food, together with historical and cultural reasons behind the development of different cuisines, ingredients and cooking practices throughout the country.

Cucina In is the cooking facility where the practical lessons will take place (Piazza Gerusalemme 7, Metro Stop Gerusalemme). Practical cooking lessons at Cucina In are based on Italian regional food preparations. A skilled chef will introduce the class to the recipes from the different regions. Students are required to use their hands in the food preparation, as well as to take notes on the ingredients and procedure, and to use only Italian (no English allowed, except for clarifications). When the cooking is over, students, instructor and chef sit around the table and eat while discussing about the food and other matters in Italian.

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Cultural Studies

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