IT 301 - Italian Language in Context: Emerging Independent Abroad I

IT 301 is the continuation of Italian 102 and helps students master with greater ease and self-confidence more complex tasks. It reviews and expands the major grammar points, with a special focus on speaking and listening skills. In fact, it is based on a communicative direct approach to the language.

It is a challenging and highly participatory course that rewards daily efforts by students. The pace is quick and lively, and those who work regularly will be surprised by their considerable progress by the end. In general, Italian will be the only language used in class. Many of you will find this difficult at first, but it will seem natural soon enough. Do not despair when you feel that some of your questions are not answered during class: the answer to complex grammar questions are available in the textbooks and on Moodle, and may be asked the instructor outside of class. In class, concentrate on learning Italian in Italian. Your learning process will be faster.

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