IB/CM 340 - Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Communication

The effect of digital technology on economy and society at large is so deep that in a few years entire industries have been completely shaken or disrupted, not to mention the life and behaviors of citizens and consumers. The result is a competitive arena dominated primarily by firms like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Alibaba, etc. Entire sectors have become monopolies, while the Big Four, even if each of them is specialized in specific sectors - data management (Alphabet-Google), retail (Amazon), hardware and software (Apple), social media and information (Facebook) - have enlarged their scope so much that basically there are no sectors unaffected. Behind the big ones, a series of digital startups like Airbnb, Uber, Dropbox, Coursera have emerged with entirely new business models disrupting their markets. Retail, Media & Publishing, Entertainment, Financial Services, Education, Transport, Travel, basically no sector have remained unaffected. Industry 4.0 with automation and artificial intelligence development will change completely manufacturing and other B2B markets.

At the same time, social media have become the main source of information for billions of people, internet advertising has recently surpassed TV ad investments in USA and it will do it soon in Europe as well. Digital influencers can decide the success or failure of products and companies, while the omnichannel approach to commerce has blended e-commerce and traditional brick-and-mortar retail industry. The course is enriched by relevant case histories, practical exercises, and guest lectures held by digital entrepreneurs, designers, technologists, and investors. This course will provide an overview of e-commerce and digital marketing tendencies from a communications perspective. Analyzing current Internet, mobile, and multi-media campaigns, we will evaluate evolving marketing techniques and promotional technologies and find ways to integrate them into an effective communications strategy. Emerging media channels and cases will be analyzed to predict future trends. Class projects will emphasize current trends and propose an outlook into the new marketing landscape.

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International Business

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Background in marketing and business-related fields (finance, financial accounting, entrepreneurship, economics) is recommended

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