FS 340 - The Cinema in Milan: An Overview from Post-WWII Until Today

As the well-known Italian quote goes: “They make movies in Rome, but they make T.V. in Milan.” While Milan is considered to be Italy’s economic and financial capital, it is not considered to be the capital of Italian cinema; however, it must be noted that more than just secondary productions have been made in Milan. This course provides a general overview of Milan’s cinematic history, emphasizing Milanese movies in which Milanese directors, actors, and actresses play an important role. Topics covered in the course include Milanese fil masterpieces: “cop” movies, and the Milanese gangs of the 1960s and 70s; dalla Milano cupa alla Milano da bere movies, that examine Milan during the 1980s; Milanese directors, such as Nichetti, Salvatores, and Soldini; and contemporary films. In addition, the course aims to focus on particular moments in Italian history of the 1960s, as well as on typical features of Milanese cinema. Films introduce students to the social, economic, political, and artistic aspects that outline the history and culture of the capital of Lombardy – and that’s a very special way to improve upon your Italian language skills!

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Film Studies

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