DS 223 - Italian Design: Theory and Practice

This course introduces students to the history and evolution of Italian Design and to the methods of the design process. We will explore the reasons and the context that gave birth to a worldwide trend that still influences our contemporary lifestyle. Italian Design will be presented through the life and work of the greatest designers and of the most innovative Italian companies. During the course, field trips will be organized to allow students to visit the most famous Milanese design locations, such as the Triennale di Milano and Museo Achille Castiglioni, and to visit the most interesting Design Districts during the Milan Design Session. We will focus on the product-service system dimension of design, capable of governing and channeling change and innovation in an evolutionary way, in line with the changing context and the sustainability challenge of our world. In particular the project will focus on the evolving retail experience, affected by trends like digitalization, proximity, sustainability. Students will be asked to analyze the proposed topic and propose new product-service solution for a specific target living in Milan.

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Design - All Types

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