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November 4, 2020

Read on to see where life has taken your classmates since studying abroad.

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Diana (Bidawid) Uchuyama, 1985-86 – I work with Judges, Lawyers' and Law Students was a Lawyer/Clinical Psychologist.  Studying abroad made me more aware of the commonalities we all share as human beings, despite our geographical differences, and embrace the cultural differences.  It made me more aware of the world outside the United States and to relish and explore the world beyond my backyard.

Marie Dolcini, 1986 – I am a writer, editor, coach, mother, cook, traveler, reader, tennis player, gardener and cat lover who plays a little accordion and is trying to learn mandolin. Studying abroad inspired my curiosity and subsequent travels as well as my interest in foreign languages and cultures and has made me a more open, inquisitive, and humble person.

Anne-Marie Wood, Spring 2012 – I have been working in college admissions since I graduated from Scripps College and continue to support my institution's study abroad efforts, mentor students as they are about to go abroad, help with Fulbright interviews at my institution. Study abroad has impacted me in so many ways and has made me adventurous to say the least!

Maggie Burns, Spring 2014 – Just received my M.A. in Global Environmental Policy and I am working in wildlife conservation and environmental policy. Study abroad boosted my love for travel. I am always thinking globally and acting locally, especially when it comes to environmental issues. I knew I wanted an internationally focused career and now I am working for an incredible international organization working for animals and wildlife.

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