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Dara Abimbola, one of our Spring 2024 Social Media Correspondents, has been sharing incredible photos and recounting some of the most memorable moments from her semester so far with IES Abroad Milan.

Hear more from Dara while she's on the Milan - Music: Voice, Composition & Instrumental program!

Dara at the IES Abroad Milan Center

What's been your favorite class so far?

"Although challenging, I love my private voice lessons with Patrizia Zanardi! She has been a blessing in honing my craft, pushing me to become a better performer and use my gifts and talents to serve others and bring joy to the ears that listen."

Dara making pasta in Milan

What’s your favorite way to engage with the local community?

"For my people of faith, find a church! Spending time with friends at YousMilano, Sabaoth Church has helped me to explore many places around Milan (for free), practice speaking Italian with locals and not neglect the importance of meeting together."

Dara in under a chandelier in Milan

Advice for a student considering study abroad?

"Be very careful and mindful of your actions while making the most of EVERY opportunity! For many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Explore yourself and broaden your horizons!"

Dara and her friend

What U.S. campus is your newest study abroad friend from? Tell us a little about your new friendship!

"My newfound SISTER, Porsche Smith, is from Emory University! Fun fact: we actually stalked each other and it was friendship at first sight! She's truly been a blessing to be around and she has made my experience so much better in many ways!"

Dara with friends abroad

What are the top 3 items in your carry on?

"Bible, headphones and camera. I love a good travel scripture and capturing content everywhere I go!"

Dara with hand on heart in front of plants

What's been your favorite piece of Correspondent content you've created so far?

"Definitely my day in the life video! That was the first time I did a voiceover and I had so much fun doing it. Honestly, being a social media correspondent has made me much more confident and unbothered about what people think. I just enjoy creating content and I am grateful for having the platform to be able to do so. Check it out!




Learn more about studying abroad in Milan. Interested in becoming a Correspondent? Learn how to participate in our Correspondents Program! 


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