Top 10 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from January & February 2019

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January and February are a time of reflecting and appreciating the people and experiences that we love - the photos tagged with #IESabroad or @iesabroad on Instagram these past two months show just that. Check out our Top 10 study abroad Instagram photos from January & February 2019 to see why our students are falling in love with study abroad every day.

Student in England

1. England

When you study abroad in London, you won't want to return home. @hannah_ogren loved studying abroad there so much that she became an IES Abroad Ambassador!

Chinatown in London

2. England

"Five years later, and I still wish my plane ticket was a one-way." @bahcallmemaybe studied abroad in London five years ago and still misses it! 

Student in Nantes

3. France

"That's the picture from my French textbook but I'm actually here." When you study abroad in Nantes you will be able to learn about French culture and language first-hand just like @teeeeeee_j did!

Road in Ireland

4. Ireland

All roads lead to studying abroad in Dublin! Well, maybe not all roads, but this scenic road captured by @ecmsparrow does!

Gelato in Dublin

5. Ireland

I scream, you scream, we all scream for.... gelato! When you study abroad in Dublin, gelato will become one of your new favorite treats, right @reb.mitch? 

Student in Rome

6. Italy

Rome is a nice place to visit when you are studying abroad in Nice. @kenzieinnice was able to travel all over the continent during her time abroad!

Amalfi Coast

7. Italy

When you study abroad in Italy, you can take short trips to places like the Amalfi Coast! (It's actually a field trip option on our Rome study abroad and internship programs!) @brianamadd definitely took advantage of this opportunity when she studied abroad!

Student in New Zealand

8. New Zealand

When you study abroad in Christchurch, you will be blown away by all there is to see in New Zealand. Or maybe literally blown away if you are @tessmullen!

9. South Africa

One of the great parts about studying abroad in Cape Town is being immersed in the culture. For example, in Johannesburg where @snappingbliss had the opportunity to meet with the local South Africans!

Cape Town shore

10. South Africa

South Africa is such a beautiful country, and when you study abroad in Cape Town, you will have the chance to experience the city, the beaches, and all the way up to the mountains. @__keepingupwithkim__ was able to capture some of this beauty.

We want to see study abroad through your eyes! Hashtag your Instagram photos with #IESabroad to show us what you love about study abroad, and be sure to follow us @iesabroad.

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