Top 10 Study Abroad Bloggers of 2015-16

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Anna Egan
July 12, 2016

Each semester our bloggers give us a glimpse into their journeys around the world through prose, drawings, videos, photos, and more.

To save you the time, we picked some of our favorite bloggers from the past year and selected our favorite posts of theirs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this sampling of our phenomenal student bloggers!

University of Miami | Multi-Location: Paris, Rome & Madrid, Summer 2015

Hannah was our first blogger for the Museums & Beyond: Art & Culture in Paris, Rome & Madrid Program in 2015. Way to raise the bar, Hannah! We loved each of her Five Favorites posts for the three cities on this program, but we’re particularly partial to her post on The Little Things I’ll Remember, in which she says: “It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen.”

Yale University | Rabat, Summer 2015

Even in the midst of a busy and transformative time abroad, Luna found the time to sprinkle her posts with mind-blowingly talented comic drawings and photos. One of our favorites was her post on first impressions.

Georgetown University | Rabat, Fall 2015

Jada's post on race and identity speaks to the way studying abroad makes you challenge where you are, who you are, where you came from, and how you make sense of the world.

“Identity is a beautiful, frustrating thing. As soon as you think you have found a way to understand yourself, you realize how that you don’t fit perfectly within that box.” 

Hofstra University | Cape Town, Fall 2015

Cortney had a way of always knowing the topics her readers wanted her to cover: housing, field trips, current events, and more. We loved them all, but our favorite has to be her Letter to my Pre-Study Abroad Self.

University of San Diego | European Union, Fall 2015

We’d like to have a coffee table book of Layne’s study abroad photos—they’re beautiful! Speaking of coffee, her post on Freiburg’s about wanderlust inducing.

Babson College | Paris BIA, Spring 2016

From homestay check-ins to studying champagne, you’re sure to find that many of Gwen’s 28 blog posts resonate with you. Our favorite is probably her closing post on the things she loves most about studying abroad in Paris, Paris Me Manque.

University of Richmond | Milan, Fall 2015

Jiaqi’s post on Things I Wish I Knew Before Studying Abroad in Milan had us nodding along the whole time, and then quickly forwarding to everyone we know. There’s nothing like study abroad advice from someone who has experienced your program.

Bowdoin College | Madrid, Spring 2016

Throughout her blog, Roya took us along on her personal and IES Abroad-sponsored travels. Our favorite post, though, might just be her post on staying still. Check out Two Full Weekends in Madrid.

Knox College | Dublin, Spring 2016

As a Dublin Writer's Program student, we expected Kaylie to be a pretty good writer. We had no idea she’d be outstanding! Picking a favorite post of hers is no easy feat: we’re torn between On Money and On the Shoe.

Brandeis University | Granada, Spring 2016

With a remarkable skill of pulling out the less tangible themes of study abroadlife, change, challenge, growth—Ashley poignantly conveyed the things we all feel but can't always find the words for. Ease into her posts with two of our favorites Expatiation, and Lo bueno, si es breve, dos veces bueno. We're sure you'll end up wanting more.


There's more where that came from! Head to our student blogs page to hear what our Summer 2016 bloggers are saying.

Update: We've announced our 2015-16 Study Abroad Blogger of the Year!

This person does not have a headshot photo

Anna Egan

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