Sustainable Living While Studying Abroad

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April 20, 2018

Whether you’re a long-time environmentalist or a budding recycler, interning or studying abroad offers you an opportunity to gain insight into how different communities approach sustainable living.

Environmental education goes beyond the classroom when you study abroad - Course-related trips, internships, and housing with local families and students are all ways that will show you eco-conscious innovations in action.

Students and staff share what “being green” looks like in these six locations:

Cape Town, South Africa

Correspondent Gwen Marquis shares how she is learning to curb excessive water use in her host city.

bikes in amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Emily Radford gives practical tips in her blog to help you transition from biking newbie to cycling pro while studying abroad in Amsterdam.

kathleen blehl in milan
Milan, Italy

While studying abroad in Milan, Global Citizen of the Year Finalist Kathleen Blehl decided to live more sustainably both in the clothing she wore and the food she ate.

Vienna, Austria

Will Turett, Global Citizen of the Year Finalist, interned with two organizations while studying abroad in Vienna where he helped translate and share environmental research.

elizabeth couse in vauban, berlin
Freiburg, Germany

On her IES Abroad Blog, Elizabeth Couse shares what it's like to live in one of the world's greenest neighborhoods: Vauban.

Paris, France

Professor Alvira Artigas led his students on a walking tour of Clichy-Batignolles, Paris's growing eco-district that utilizes urban farming and sustainable construction.


three women in french garden


No matter where you go, there are ways to reduce your environmental footprint. You can help make a difference by adapting these 10 habits while you travel


Ready to live sustainably and/or learn more about it while abroad? Find a program where you'll take classes in Environmental Studies & Sustainability or look for the best places to study abroad for the environmentally friendly.

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