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We're excited to announce that we've received an Indiana University Bicentennial Medal for our leadership in the field of study abroad! We’ve partnered with Indiana University for nearly 25 years to provide students with incredible study abroad experiences. During that time, we've sent 6,600+ Hoosiers abroad and awarded them more than $7.5 million in scholarships and aid.

Michael McRobbie, the President of Indiana University, awarded the Medal to IES Abroad President & CEO Dr. Mary Dwyer:

"This honor, bestowed during Indiana University’s 200th anniversary year, is being awarded to organizations and individuals who through their personal, professional, artistic, or philanthropic efforts, have broadened the reach of Indiana University around the state, nation, and world.

In recognition of the outstanding leadership of IES Abroad in the field of international education and exchange, I am very pleased to bestow the Bicentennial Medal upon you. The medal itself is unique, made from materials salvaged from bells which hung in the Student Building on the IU Bloomington campus for almost 100 years. Please accept this lasting piece of IU history with our utmost gratitude for your longstanding friendship and support of the university."

We are so grateful for recognition like this, and we recognize that it's the amazing feedback and ‘study abroad changed my life’ stories (read a couple below) from Indiana University students that got us here!

Hear from Hoosiers on their IES Abroad Experiences

"I loved every second of my time abroad. I was full of anxiety prior to leaving...this was my first “solo” trip away from home and I started second guessing whether or not I was ready for such a big step. Immediately after I stepped off the plane and into Vienna, I was already in love. The fears melted away and from that day forward, I knew I had to come back in the future.

The IES Abroad staff members were incredibly kind, helpful and encouraging during the whole semester. IES Abroad truly provides you with all the help you need, so you are never alone in the process."

- Alyssa M. (Vienna - Music)

"My experience studying abroad this past summer in Barcelona, Spain was the most amazing thing I have done so far in my lifetime. I learned so much from this experience and felt myself grow as an individual each and every day. I went abroad alone, but quickly after touching down in Spain I made life-long friends and memories I will never forget. The staff at IES Abroad were my family, and were there for me each and every day. There is no better organization to study abroad with, or a better city to study in than IES Abroad and Barcelona.

GO ABROAD!! It'll be the best decision you'll ever make."

- Emily L. (Barcelona - Summer Internship)


We've created a specific webpage dedicated to our Indiana University partnership with and to prepare IU students to apply for and before studying abroad!

Learn More


P.S. We're sending our congratulations to IU's Office of Overseas Study Director, Susan Carty, who just won the 2020 Education Abroad Leadership Award for leadership in the field of study abroad.

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