How to Highlight Your Study Abroad Experience on LinkedIn

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June 23, 2023

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in the professional world. Yes, we get it, LinkedIn can sometimes be intimidating, and understandably so. However, employers are looking for the exact skills in new hires that study abroad provides.  

Did you just study abroad? Then maybe LinkedIn just became your new bestie!   

Study abroad is a unique experience that can be difficult to capture in one soundbite, and nailing down the right tone that is both professional and genuine can be tough. But we’re here to help make the process simple so your network can see an authentic representation of who you are and your incredible skills you gained by studying abroad.  

Here are six key ways to highlight your study abroad experience on LinkedIn. Take it from students who are actively using the platform to spotlight their experience:  

1. Add it to your LinkedIn Profile

In much the same way it would be listed on your résumé, don't forget to feature your study abroad experience on your LinkedIn profile. You can put it in the “Education” section and also in the "Experience" section if you participated in some form of hands-on, experiential learning like an internship abroad. There's even an option to add “Volunteer Experience" if you did a service learning program or volunteered abroad.  View our sample LinkedIn profile.  

2. Expand your network

Be sure to connect with those professors and students who you met along your study abroad journey (always ask for permission first when tagging individual people!). Extending a thank you via LinkedIn to those individuals who made an impact on you is one great way to stay connected beyond study abroad and opens a window to further expand your network. You might just find that we’ll repost you on the IES Abroad page, too!  

Quinton Nehring Headshot
“Throughout my journey abroad, I was able to develop several lifelong skills and meet an extensive network of individuals from my roommates to my amazing professors. I would like to give a special thanks to Josep Contreras , CEM UCANSU , and Marta Ortega Quesada for your contribution to my academic career this semester with your engaging courses.”
Quinton Nehring | Indiana University | IES Abroad Barcelona

3. Show off your adaptability

We get it, it can feel uncomfortable to brag about yourself or talk about overcoming challenges, but LinkedIn is the place to do it. Plus, there is no shame in sharing with your network that you had the courage to study or intern in another country! In making such a bold move, challenges inevitably present themselves abroad. Navigating these challenges, like a language barrier for instance, shows your ability to adapt and learn! Don’t be afraid to talk about the hard stuff – what you’ve accomplished is both impressive and telling of your character. Show it off! 

Olivia Ausnehmer Headshot
“I have improved my French tremendously, strengthened my knowledge of different cultures, expanded my intercultural awareness and cross-cultural communication, and improved both my adaptability and problem-solving skills.”
Olivia Ausnehmer | Penn State University | IES Abroad Paris

4. Emphasize your growth in a particular field 

Study abroad is the perfect opportunity to enhance your understanding in your area of study. Thus, LinkedIn can be the perfect place to showcase your enriched understanding in a particular field – setting you apart from others who may be exploring that same topic or studying that same major.  

Esha Soni Headshot
“I was able to further my knowledge in international health, communication, and leadership ... I am grateful to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks to IES Abroad for giving me such a positive abroad experience. ”
Esha Soni | Lehigh University | IES Abroad London

5. Highlight hands-on experience 

Break the stigma and show your network that your study abroad experience was more than just an adventure away (we know it was SO much more than that!). Spotlight your immersive experiences and the professional development that followed as a result. Take it from Devika Jhaveri, who shared her hands-on professional experience in Milan this past Spring: 

Devika Jhaveri Headshot
“Being in Milan led to some incredible opportunities in the fashion world, including attending Jeremy Scott’s last show for MOSCHINO and visiting the Aeffe S.p.A. offices/archives in London…During my semester, I took classes in luxury brand management, digital trends in fashion, strategic management, and Italian. Through my class at MKS Milano Fashion School, I was able to style a shoot for my final project.”
Devika Jhaveri Soni | Rice University | IES Abroad Milan

6. Share those photos sitting in your camera roll 

We know it’s not Instagram, but believe us when we say that your network wants to see your adventures! Complement your photos with a description about your experience and what you gained, and you’re golden. Take it from Gigi Oyola: 

Girley Oyola Headshot
“As an American never having been across the Atlantic Ocean before this, I come home with invaluable skills and knowledge that have contributed to my growth both as an individual and professional. From expanding upon my independence to enriching my cross-cultural communication skills, studying abroad has changed my perspective on myself and life for the better. Through the program, I feel fortunate enough to have made many amazing connections with fellow students, professors, and IES Abroad staff, who made my experience that much more exciting and will cherish for a lifetime.”
Girley (Gigi) Oyola | George Washington University | IES Abroad Barcelona 
Girley Oyola on camel and at eiffel tower

Don’t stop there! The career benefits you gain from study abroad are plentiful. Beyond LinkedIn, be sure to add study abroad to your resume and cover letters, and check out other career resources on how to market your study abroad experience to land that dream job!  Visit our IES Abroad LinkedIn page.

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