Future-Focused Friday: Things That Reminded Us That Nothing's Im-pasta-ble

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Come stai?

Us? We’re feeling saucy. You know, marinara, carbonara, puttanesca, pesto. When we realized Sunday is #WorldPastaDay, we just couldn’t help ourselves (or wait to help ourselves to a steaming bowl of noods)! 🍝 So get ready for this week’s Future-Focused Friday—a day all about looking ahead—with a plateful of pasta-inspired blogs, articles, videos and more to fill your plate!

With three study abroad locations in Italy, how could we not be excited about this? We also won’t restrict this content to the gluten friendly 🌾, as we’ve got resources for those who aren’t too!

While we’re not going to pasta-ulate on which is our favorite style, according to one Twitter user, these are the best pasta shapes you’ve never heard of (“tooty pipe shape” might be our favorite descriptor, though 🤣). If you’d like a more ‘official’ look at pasta shapes and to learn a bit of the Italiano, check out this more ‘educational’ list.

But enough about the pasta, we all know what’s really important: the sauce. Get in the kitchen with this incredibly easy, staff favorite sauce recipe that’s just four ingredients (hint: you probably have two in your fridge right now). Or if you're looking to expand your repertoire, we've found a list of 68 (!) pasta sauces to make at home.

Allora, back to the pasta. We've found that even students who study abroad outside of the 👢 (aka Italy) manage to get their hands (or forks) on some perfectly al dente cuisine. So whether they're in Milano, Roma, or Siena, or London, Barcelona, or Vienna, they've shared their incredible, edible, pastacular moments. Now that's amore! 👩‍🍳 💋

“On the last day of the trip, we took a 2-hour pasta making class in Milan with a local woman named Bruna in her classic Italian home. It was one of the most amazing cultural experiences I have ever had.”
Lexi F. (IES Abroad London)

Picture pasta (okay, and gelato, too) abroad through the #IESabroad feed:

Don't let impasta syndrome get to you—apply to study abroad and experience the real deal!

Spaghett To It!

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It's never too early to start dreaming about study abroad (or pasta for that matter). In fact now's the perfect time! Grab a catalog, jam packed with student content, and then join us in the final weeks of our Zoom Around the World Info Series, which all end with 10 minutes of live Q&A.

P.S. If you can't make it to intern abroad IRL, give our new Virtual Internship Program a go for Spring 2021. Just picture it: you can lunch with your colleagues in Rome (or several other locations), while eating some homemade pasta al fresco!

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