Congratulations to Our 2018 IES Abroad Faculty Award Winners!

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As part of our Annual Conference, Michael Steinberg, Executive Vice President and Director, Academic Programs, presented the 2018 IES Abroad Faculty Awards to four outstanding individuals

These IES Abroad Faculty Award winners were selected from 500+ nominations submitted by IES Abroad Center Directors, as well as students who studied on IES Abroad programs during the 2016-17 Academic Year.

Dr. Silvia Regonelli (IES Abroad Milan) circled image

Excellence in Teaching 2017-18

Dr. Silvia Regonelli (IES Abroad Milan)

Cracking the Code: Leonardo da Vinci & Renaissance Art in Milan, 1400-1550

Silvia teaches wearing sneakers, and walking fast through the masterpieces that are dispersed in our region, both outdoors and indoors. Her students discover the city and the Italian cultural heritage while learning the rigor of research and criticism in Art History; they learn how to create a neuronal grid of connections between disciplines, historic periods, people, facts, techniques and masterworks that will enable them to navigate museums and palaces with independent awareness. 

-Dr. Roberto Andreoni, Center Director, Milan

Dr. Mathieu Zagrodzki (IES Abroad Paris Business & International Affairs) circled image

Dr. Mathieu Zagrodzki (IES Abroad Paris Business & International Affairs)

Contemporary Paris: Politics, Policies & People, and France Today: Politics & Society.

Despite the oftentimes dense subjects Dr. Zagrodzki teaches, his students adore him and are always ready for more. They often say that they gained not only a new perspective on Paris and France, but a new view on how the United States and Americans are viewed from abroad.

 –Nathalie Lenfant, Center Director, IES Abroad Paris Business & International Affairs

Professor Christine Alfsen (IES Abroad Nice) circled image

Instructor of the Year 2017-18

Professor Christine Alfsen (IES Abroad Nice)

Global Risks, Regional Vulnerabilities & Sustainable Development Pathways in the Mediterranean Region, and Dangerous Liaisons: Cities & Water on the Mediterranean

Professor Alfsen brings to her subject the invaluable experience of years as a practitioner, as well as a person fully integrated with her natural surroundings. In the classic model of both study abroad and Environmental Sciences, she utilizes the Cote d’Azur and Mediterranean region as her classroom. Innovative excursions become the base out of which Christine takes her student groups to learn the issues she presents in class, to which she always adds a personal touch. Christine’s enthusiasm for sharing the biodiversity of the region is infection—she wants her students to develop their passion through first-hand knowledge.

 –Maria Stallone, Center Director, IES Abroad Nice

Dr. Michael Drolet (IES Abroad London) circled image

Long-Term Faculty Member Award

Dr. Michael Drolet (IES Abroad London)

Course(s)Brexit: The United Kingdom & the European Union - A Troubled History

This award is nominated by our Center Directors from eligible faculty who have taught for IES Abroad for at least 20 years. This year, we recognize Dr. Drolet who began teaching at IES Abroad London in 1997. Most recently, he was instrumental in the development of and currently teaches Brexit: The United Kingdom & the European Union - A Troubled History.

Dr. Drolet is singularly committed to supporting his students, and to tutoring their ability to think critically and academically about the subject matter he teaches. He cares deeply about the education and personal development of each individual, and this goal informs everything he does.  Students tend to view Michael with that perfect mix of both awe and familiarity. He puts students at ease, while maintaining a professional demeanor and approach that demands universal respect.

-John Ockey, Center Director, IES Abroad London

Congratulations, distinguished faculty members!

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