A Brunch of Fun While You Study Abroad

Everyone loves a good weekend brunch, no matter where in the world. Trying out new brunch spots is a great way to:

  • ​​​​​Explore the local culture through its cuisine
  • Fill up on one meal out instead of two
  • Explore new neighborhoods of your host city or somewhere new on a weekend trip when you’re studying abroad
  • Make your foodie friends jealous! 

We asked our IES Abroad Ambassadors to share some of their most memorable brunch experiences abroad, and they did not disappoint! Can we say food envy? Yum!

Beautiful Brunches in Sydney

 “You’ll never find a brunch as beautiful as the ones in Australia. Pictured here are some delicious (and nutritious) açai bowls, fresh-made smoothies and iced coffee, and some chocolate-filled cronuts, of course.”  -Marlowe P., Sydney | Spring 2015

Acai bowl, cronuts, and coffee on study abroad in Australia

Foodie Fun in Freiburg

“I would brunch at this amazing vegetarian/vegan cafe called Huber in Freiburg all the time. It was small, cute, had an open kitchen, and had the best food and coffee for sitting and chatting with friends.”  -Allie A., Freiburg | Fall 2016

Vegetarian brunch on study abroad in Freiburg

When You Study Abroad in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

“Italians aren't super big on breakfast, so brunch wasn't really on the table (so to speak!) - but I did go to the most amazing coffee shop every morning. It's called Scia Scia and has been in business for more than 100 years. I had a chocolate cappuccino every morning, and that might be the thing I miss most about Rome!”  -Katie D., Rome | Fall 2016

Chocolate cappuccino on study abroad in Rome

Tea Time in London

 “The Study London staff organized an afternoon tea for the school at a local hotel. It was a great end to an amazing semester with most of the staff and students attending. It was my first afternoon tea in England, which was a definite must.“  -Kali S., London | Fall 2016

Afternoon tea spread with pastry tower on study abroad in London

Brunch in the Mountains When You Study Abroad in Argentina

“We enjoyed brunch in the mountains at our home for the weekend during a field trip to Jujuy! Fan favorites: Fresh queso de cabra from our host's very own goats and the juicy strawberries that my friend is thoroughly enjoying behind me. ¡Riquísimo!"  -Peyton T., Buenos Aires | Fall 2016

Students and table with bread, fruit, and meat on study abroad in Buenos Aires

Tuesday Traditions on Study Abroad in Christchurch

 “Almost every Tuesday I would find a different café where I would get brunch/coffee and do my school work. ... It was relaxing, tasty, and a great way to explore the city! My café Tuesdays - as I began to call them - are one of the things I miss most about study abroad.”  -Ryan G., Christchurch | Fall 2016

Avocado toast, salad, and coffee on study abroad in Christchurch

Must-See Brunch Spot When Study Abroad in Barcelona

“Brunching in Barcelona at Brunch and Cake: We had our brunch and ate it, too! (only after getting great photos, of course)"  -Lindsay H., Milan | Fall 2016

Brunch dishes with fruit and coffee in Barcelona

BudaBEST Meal of Study Abroad!

“Here is a picture from an amazing brunch I had when I traveled to Budapest during my studies in Paris! The restaurant was called Liberté, and it was located in a really quaint part of town near some cool historic sites. … The food, as you can guess from the picture, was absolutely DELICIOUS. It was probably one of the best meals that I had the whole semester.”  -Allie H., Paris BIA | Fall 2016

Brunch dish with greens and cream sauce

Ready for your own brunch adventure? Whether you’re after the perfect cup of espresso, a mouthwatering fruit arrangement, or authentic high tea, we’ll help you find the best places to study abroad and get you on your way to trying new tasty eats!

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