Announcing Our New Programs for the 2019-20 Academic Year

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We are excited to announce eight new study abroad and internship programs for the 2019-20 academic year. These programs have been developed in response to feedback from our students and our Consortium, and are designed to further meet students' academic needs and interests.


NEW LOCATION (starting Summer 2019)

Experience the unique education model of one of the oldest universities in the world during a six-week program at the University of Cambridge. Take three courses from a wide variety of disciplines that are taught with a focus on intense classroom discussion and individual feedback and support. Especially recommended for students intending to pursue research or graduate studies, you can develop your research and project management skills through an optional independent supervision based on your academic interest.


SEMESTER (starting Fall 2019)

Enroll at Ireland’s largest university: University College Dublin. Known for their top-ranking business school, their notable school of humanities, and their leadership in science and technology innovation, there is something for everyone at UCD. Join more than 27,000 students pursuing a wide range of academic studies at one of Ireland’s most research-intensive institutions.

Choose from a wide selection of courses in Economics, International Business, Marketing, Management, Finance, and Political Science in beautiful Vienna. Supplement your coursework with an internship or field experience, as well. A five-day program-related trip takes you throughout Austria and Germany where you’ll visit international organizations and major corporations, such as OPEC, BMW, and Red Bull.

With its rich culture and central European location, Vienna has attracted people from all walks of life. It is also a city where the study of society has a long history and where modern psychology claims its birthplace. As a student of Psychology and Social Sciences, studying abroad in Vienna, will allow you tap into this richness in our courses by investigating youth cultures, childhood development, immigration, social and psychological dimensions of discrimination, and more. As an enhancement to your coursework, a five-day program-related trip examines the impact of the Iron Curtain along the Austrian border, the traumas of Nazism and communism in Hungary, and the early development of Psychology in Germany.

Additionally, our Berlin – International Affairs & Security Studies Program, currently 12 weeks, will be increasing to 15 weeks and 15-19 credits in Fall 2019.


SUMMER (starting Summer 2019)

This program is specifically designed for students majoring in Engineering and other STEM-related fields who are seeking a technical internship. This 10-week program provides hands-on, full-time placements in the heart of China for at least 32 hours per week. As Shanghai is home to several industrial zones and multinational company headquarters, as well as a hub for transportation and technology, it provides the perfect backdrop and network for your internship abroad in engineering.

Spend your summer discovering what it’s like to live in China’s largest business center, and gain a deeper knowledge of what it means to be a citizen of the world. The eight-week program covers an entire year of college-level Chinese (8 credits). Each week, you will engage in 12 hours of classroom instruction and four hours of private tutorials with Chinese language faculty. Small class sizes and one-on one instruction with Chinese language faculty make this program perfect for vastly improving your language skills.

Gain professional experience for eight weeks over the summer with a guaranteed IES Internship in Vienna, Austria. With placements in a variety of fields including the arts, business, international relations, and music, your internship will allow you to intern for approximately 30 hours per week while experiencing the bustling Austrian capital. You’ll also enroll in a required 3- or 6-credit Leading Across Cultures internship seminar that will put your internship placement into the context of work culture in Vienna. You will also have the option to take a 3-credit German language course, as well.


JANUARY TERM (starting January 2019)

As one of the most biologically diverse locations on the planet, the Galápagos Islands is the ideal location for students interested in Marine Ecology and Environmental Studies. During this three-week January Term program, you will study the ecology of the marine habitats found on and off the coast of these islands as well as form a more complex understanding of the relationship between humans and the environment.


How will study abroad redefine your world? We can’t wait to find out. Choose one of our 140+ study abroad and internship programs and apply now!

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