5 Italian Phrases to Help You Study Abroad in Milan Like a Local

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It’s no secret that the best way to study abroad is to live like the locals do—eat what they eat, live where they live, and speak like they speak.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be fluent in Italian to study abroad in Italy with us. Al contrario! None of the IES Abroad Milan study abroad programs require previous Italian language experience, and they all equip you for the vita locale right from the start. A two-week intensive Italian language program helps you gain practical language skills shortly after you’ve arrived.

Why wait until you’re abroad to parlando Italiano? Dip your toes in with these five phrases—all inspired by the incredible location of our new and improved Center in Milan!

three milan students smiling and talking in the IES Abroad Center

“Ciao, come stai?”

Translation: Hi, how are you?

Start practicing this one now, because Tyou’ll use it daily! Our new Center is located right near the hub of contemporary urban life in Milan with the famed CityLife area close by. You’ll be walking through the city daily— whether it’s between classes, on your way to your internship, or exploring Milan.

Milan metro sign with blue sky in background

“Camminare? O prendere la metro?”

Translation: Should we walk? Or take the metro?

There’s so much to see and explore (and taste!) in Milan, and the best way to do it is by public transit. Our new Center is located right by the Lotto Metro stop which makes hopping on the train with a friend and exploring a new neighborhood so easy. What’s even better? For your first month in Milan, your student transportation pass is free on our program!

birds eye view of coffee cup and croissant

“Prendiamo un caffè”

Translation: Let’s get a coffee

Practicing this phrase is perfect for inviting one of our Community Assistants to hang out! These CA’s are local, Italian college students who help you integrate more fully into the Milanese culture, practice your Italian, and get to know the city. Talk about one of the best ways to make local friends. They’ll teach you all the city's secrets and claims to fame: like that espresso was invented in Milan. Maybe that’s why the city is beaming with coffee shops!

Milan study abroad students gathering in the IES Abroad Center hallway

“Vado a lezione”

Translation: I’m going to class

While walking around the IES Abroad Center, you’re bound to run into some friends studying and meeting up to go explore the city. Be prepared to say “vado a lezione,” if you’re headed to one of the many classrooms in the Center. With a range of classroom sized and options including a large meeting area, big and small classrooms, 3 music rooms, a study area, lounge, library, meeting booths, student affairs area, academic area, housing department, faculty lounge, and a welcome point; the new Center is fully equipped! Not to mention, the seminar room includes Zoom capabilities and all classrooms include a whiteboard and a smart board, or a monitor.

Two red couches in Milan Center with big windows and sunlight shining in from the left

“Che bel tempo!”

Translation: What nice weather!

Milan gets all four seasons, with particularly beautiful days in the spring and the fall.

Our new Center is designed to help bring the outside beauty in with floor-to-ceiling windows filling classrooms and hang out areas with natural light. So whether it’s a chilly early spring day or a toasty summer afternoon, you can soak it in that Vitamin D and enjoy the lush greenery sprinkled throughout the LEED certified space.

Hey, you sound great already! Or dare we say fantastico. 😉 Now let’s put that practice into play and study abroad in Milan. Get started exploring our Milan study abroad programs in Business, Fashion, Music, and more.

Andiamo, amico!

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