5 Benefits of Study Abroad

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Jill Kruidenier
November 21, 2014

This week, individuals, institutions, and organizations all over the United States and in different parts of the world celebrated International Education Week, a joint initiative between the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Education honoring the many benefits of international education.

IES Abroad engaged in conversation all week long, with students, staff, and friends—on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more—in an effort to highlight the many benefits of study abroad.

Here’s a recap of our top five:

  1. Travel and Exploration
    No matter how much travel you pack in to your time abroad, studying abroad is a great way to see the world. As IES Abroad Rome student blogger Elisabeth Hawthorne put it, “What is travel, other than the most active form of inquiry possible?”

    Check out our "5 Perks to Being a Student Traveler".
  2. Unique Learning Opportunities
    From course-related excursions to professional internships to courses with world-class faculty, learning both inside and outside the classroom is the core of study abroad.

    Missed our internship webinar? Request a copy!
  3. Personal Development
    Gain self-confidence, expand your worldview, understand your passions, and so much more.

    Watch our video, The Power of Cultural Immersion, to see how our students grow during their time abroad.
  4. Intercultural Communication Skills
    No matter where you study abroad, you're sure to explore new forms of communication, and how to interact and understand people from other cultures. You can even gain proficiency in a foreign language, if that’s your goal.

    Learn about IES Abroad’s MAP for Language & Intercultural Communication.
  5. Career Benefits 
    Study abroad isn’t just a smart addition to your résumé. Did you know nearly 90% of IES Abroad alumni found their first job within six months of graduation? And 84% felt it helped them build valuable job skills? Talk about a good investment!

    Meet some inspiring alumni who have been featured as Alum of the Month to see how study abroad has influenced their professional life.

As we conclude a week full of enthusiasm for the field in which we work, we want to thank you for helping us celebrate! 

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Jill Kruidenier

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