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Check out our Alum of the Month profiles to see real examples of how study abroad changed the lives of our former students.

March 2019: Jay Lauf (IES Abroad Durham 1984-85), Taking Journalism to New Digital Heights

February 2019: Karen Taylor (IES Abroad Nantes 1976-77), From Practicing Law to Teaching Children French

January 2019: Mike Mentz (IES Abroad Paris, Fall 2004), Singer, Songwriter, and Traveler

December 2018: Sarah Lewis Moseley (IES Abroad Paris, 1968-69), donor to the IES Abroad Scholarship Fund celebrating her 50th Anniversary of studying abroad. 

November 2018: Ely Key (IES Abroad Buenos Aries, Spring 2006), President and CEO of Up Mountain Switchel

October 2018: Lisa Travis (IES Abroad Freiburg, Fall 1988), co-founder of Pack-n-Go Girls, a multicultural travel adventure mystery book series for children.

June 2018: Lori Tharps (IES Abroad Salamanca 1992-93), Author, Journalist, and Associate Professor of Journalism at Temple University

May 2018: Tom Drucker (IES Abroad Vienna 1965-66), President, Consultants in Corporate Innovation

April 2018: Gianna Reyes Montinola (IES Abroad Paris, Summer 1978 & 1978-79), Vice President for Corporate Affairs at the Far Eastern University (FEU) Manila

March 2018: Elizabeth Weight (IES Abroad Nantes, Fall 1987 & IES Abroad Paris, Spring 1988), Regional Drought Information Coordinator at NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

February 2018: Dr. Lee B. Reichman (IES Abroad Vienna, Spring 1959), Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and Professor of Epidemiology at Rutgers School of Public Health

January 2018: Kayla Jardine (IES Internships Dublin, Summer 2015), Associate Digital Producer at Entercom

December 2017: Frances Barbour (IES Abroad Paris, Fall 1986), Community Administrator and Au Pair Coordinator at the Cultural Homestay International

November 2017: Drew Schweppe (IES Abroad Vienna, Fall 2010), Founder and Director of Informusic

October 2017: Christine Cloonan (IES Abroad Madrid, Academic Year 2000-01), Senior Financial Analyst at American Tower

July 2017: Elizabeth Souder - IES Abroad Berlin 1996-97, Assistant Editorial Page Editor at The Dallas Morning News

June 2017 - LGBT Pride Month Series

May 2017: Jose Gonzalez - IES Abroad Vienna 1972-73, Founder and Director of the Miracle Theatre Group (aka Milagro) in Portland, Oregon

April 2017: Kurt Stache - IES Abroad Freiburg 1987-88, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Loyalty at American Airlines

March 2017: Niall O'Malley - IES Abroad Vienna 1989-90, Founder and Portfolio Manager of Blue Point Investment Management, LLC

February 2017: Emily Bernard - IES Abroad Nantes, Fall 2005, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder of

December 2016: Anne Wieben - IES Abroad Vienna 2004-05, Performing Artist and Teacher

October 2015: Alexandra ‘Sandi’ Curry - Vienna 1977-78

September 2015: Betsy Nathan - IES Abroad Beijing '93-'94

August 2015: Andrew Yandell - IES Abroad Madrid '09

June 2015: Lee Brudvig - IES Abroad Vienna '75-'76

May 2015: Jalaa’ Abdelwahab - IES Abroad Adelaide '96

April 2015: Lisa Sharkey - IES Abroad Madrid '79

March 2015: Jose Ramon Campos - IES Abroad Nantes '11

February 2015: Kate Marie Grinold Sigfusson, IES Abroad Buenos Aires '07

January 2015: Bruce St. John - IES Abroad Mexico City '85

December 2014: Christine (Zins) Scheier - IES Abroad Berlin '00

October 2014: Lisa Hennessy - IES Abroad Vienna '90

September 2014: Natalia Doan - IES Abroad Nagoya '08

August 2014: EJ Mitchell - IES Abroad Beijing '11

July 2014: Kadeem Fyffe - IES Abroad Milan '11

June 2014: Bruce F. Pauley - IES Abroad Vienna '57-58

May 2014: Patrick Kuehn - IES Abroad Paris '83-84

April 2014: Michael Caracciolo - IES Abroad Salamanca '11

March 2014: Sam McQuade - IES Abroad Nantes '67-68

February 2014: Therese Martin - IES Abroad Madrid '85-86

January 2014: Casey Charlton, Jenny Charlton-Jones, Lee Konstanty - IES Abroad Berlin '03-04

December 2013: J. Sydney Jones - IES Abroad Vienna '68-69

November 2013: Gretchen Cook-Anderson - IES Abroad Nagoya '88-89

September 2013: Kathleen Kervin Diamond - IES Abroad Nantes '66-67

August 2013: Eddie McDonnell - IES Abroad London '86, Paris '87

July 2013: John Colhouer - IES Abroad Madrid '02

June 2013: Gretl Satorius - IES Abroad Vienna '04

May 2013: Deborah Schuler - IES Abroad Durham '73-74 

April 2013: Nathan Minnehan - IES Abroad Buenos Aires '10-'11 

March 2013: Christina McLean - IES Abroad Tokyo '01 

February 2013: Kathleen McGookey - IES Abroad Paris '87

Are you interested in being featured as an Alum of the Month? To nominate yourself, send us your update and let us know how studying abroad influenced your career and what you are doing today. If selected, we will reach out to you to set up an interview. Due to the limited number of Alum of the Month spots, only a few can be selected for this honor. However, updates submitted can be shared on our Alumni Connections page for fellow alumni to read.