12 Signs You Studied Abroad in Latin America

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We get it. After an incredible study abroad experience in Latin America, it can be hard to return home! Yeah, you missed your family, friends, and pets while you were there, but now you miss your travel buddies, homestay family, and new favorite foods that aren’t available at home.

Our ChileArgentina, and Ecuador Ambassadors are no strangers to nostalgia. We asked them to share their responses to “You know you studied abroad in Latin America when…” Here’s what they said:


  1. "You start dreaming in Spanish.
  2. You still drink maté on a regular basis.
  3. You can tango better than all your friends!"

- Emily F. (IES Abroad Buenos Aires | University of Minnesota)


  1. "When eating dinner at 6:30 p.m. is way too early.
  2. When you're surprised that restaurants and bars close at midnight.
  3. When you start to use 'ehm' instead of 'um' while you're thinking."

- Jeena P. (IES Abroad Buenos Aires | Rhodes College)


  1. "When eating jamón y queso ever again in your life would be too soon.
  2. When you cringe every time someone calls it 'chilly' instead of Chile."

- Emily N. (IES Abroad IES Abroad Multi-Location: Buenos Aires & Santiago | Texas Christian University)

  1. "You automatically want to do a greeting kiss when you meet someone."

- Jessica H. (IES Abroad Multi-Location: Buenos Aires & Santiago | The University of Texas at Austin)


  1. "You know more popular Reggaeton than American pop music!
  2. When you crave plantains and rice more than anything."

- Kira D. (IES Abroad Galápagos Islands | University of South Carolina)

  1. "You hype up South America when people say they want to study abroad in Spain."

- Rebecca P. (IES Abroad Buenos Aires | University of Tulsa)

Contact an Ambassador to learn more about studying abroad on one of our Latin America programs. Still riding the nostalgia train?  Browse more alumni responses to "You Know You Studied Abroad When..."

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