The 2014 Study Abroad Film Festival ran from October 2013 through September 2014. The festival was open to IES Abroad students and alumni who studied abroad any time between January 2011 and August 2014.

Challenged with the prompt of capturing the spirit of study abroad in 25 minutes or less, the producers and their films blew us away!

From 54 submissions to 19 semi-finalists, the jury selected their top 3 films for public vote on our Facebook page. More than 4,000 votes later, the award of Study Abroad Film Festival 2014 Winner went to East of Here by Alexa Penton.






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Alexa Penton

East of Here

"East of Here is told from several different perspectives, each interviewee offering a short insight into how they have been changed by their time abroad. I hope that, as a result, 'East of Here' also invites the viewer to reflect and reconsider his or her own feelings on what they see and hear on the screen."

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Japan: a boy journey thumbnail with button

Japan: A Boy's Journey

Finn Smyth • University of South Carolina • Tokyo, Summer 2013

home sweet home with play button

home sweet home

Grace DuVal Johnston • School of the Art Institute, Chicago • Customized Program, Spring 2012


Augenblicke meines Lebens / Minutes of my Life thumbnail with play button

Augenblicke meines Lebens / Minutes of my Life

David Freid • Berlin, Spring 2014

shark in the water with play button

Shark in the Water - Galapagos Style

Johanna O’Day • Galápagos Islands, Spring 2014

the final vlog with play button

The Final Vlog

Steven Fowler • Nantes, Spring 2014

adventures abroad with play button

Adventures Abroad

Ginger Maneske • Milan, Spring 2011

2014 film festival logo

Miseducation: Beyond Many Means

Taylor Turner • Beijing, Spring 2013

Bid Me Be Silent thumbnail with play button

Bid Me Be Silent

Ashlyn Keightley • Vienna, Fall 2013

lost but them found thumbnail with play button

Lost but then Found

Chelsea Golub • London, Spring 2013

While I Was There, a Study Abroad Adventure thumbnail with play button

While I Was There, a Study Abroad Adventure

Colin Klingemann • London, Summer 2012

Identity thumbnail with play button


Briene Lermitte • Siena, Spring 2011

Viaggio in Italia thumbnail with play button

Viaggio in Italia

Peter Anthony and Kate Krull • Milan, Summer 2014

A New Globe thumbnail with play button

A New Globe

Jason Farahnik • Customized Program: Babson BRIC, Fall 2012

Juggling Down Under thumbnail with play button

Juggling Down Under

Michael Rizk • Sydney, Spring 2014

Across the Hall thumbnail with play button

Across the Hall

Doug Gavetti • Milan, Spring 2014

Stereotypes/Stereotipi thumbnail with play button


Kathleen Ray and Nina Ottaviano • Rome, Spring 2014

The IES Declassified Freiburg Survival Guide thumbnail with play button

The IES Declassified Freiburg Survival Guide

Gracie Weiderhaft • Freiburg, Academic Year 2012-13

Memories from the Maghreb thumbnail with play button

Memories from the Maghreb

Meghan Johns • Rabat, Spring 2014

“Studying abroad in general feeds my travel bug. It will allow for a chance to gain a deeper appreciation for a culture different than my own. I will meet new people and create memories that will turn into stories to share with everyone.”
Meghan J. • Carthage College • Rabat – Study in Rabat

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