The Latest from Netherlands

Oct 14 1:40pm

Falling In Love With Amsterdam

Deciding whether to spend a whole semester in a new country, continent or city can be nerve-wracking, but when it comes to Amsterdam, I can say without hesitation that the reasons to go definitely outnumber the reasons not to go. I fell in love with Amsterdam and coming here has been the best decision of my life, and I think more students should live this experience.

Aug 22 3:47pm

How to Pack Like a Pro

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I think I’ve gone through the hassles of packing, unpacking and moving about 10 times, crazy right? So I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a professional packer now. Well that’s a stretch, but I do want to share some packing tips that I’ve learned along the way, mostly the harder way because I tend to over-pack. (I know I’m not alone on that one.) 

Aug 18 5:12pm

6 Guiding Practices For Mental Preparedness Abroad

Post by Cali Carper

In this blog post I share tips and tricks to preserve your mental and emotional wellbeing while abroad. Whether by self-reflection, goal setting, or otherwise, being in touch with your mental state before and during your experience abroad will guide you towards opportunities for personal growth.

Apr 13 1:00pm

Studying Abroad as a Vegetarian

A little over 10 months ago I decided to become a vegetarian and haven’t really looked back since. I generally don’t ever feel restricted, but I was a little anxious before studying abroad for a number of reasons. Navigating eating out with friends, getting enough nutrition and budgeting were my main concerns. Thankfully it proved to be easier than I anticipated!

Apr 12 1:13pm

"Abroad Changed Me"

It has been four weeks since I returned home to Sri Lanka following the abrupt end of my time abroad due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amsterdam feels like a lifetime away. I am so lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity that I did. But goodbyes are never easy. Especially the ones that come before their time.