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Jan 13 10:50pm

Amsterdam: Anxiety and Thoughts before studying abroad

by Sumini

It doesn’t feel real. 

That is now my go-to response when people ask me if I’m excited to study abroad. And it’s true, it doesn’t feel real. It still feels like a someday; a distant dream that is yet to be realized far off in the future. But someday is now less than two weeks away(!) I’m going to Amsterdam. It’s really happening!!

Jan 10 6:57pm

Embracing the Unknown

by Hannah

There I am riding my bike through Vondelpark. There’s a slight breeze that ruffles my auburn-brown hair while I glide past the trees surrounding the paved path. As I look around, I see tulips in an array of colors, small ponds with the occasional ripple, and people filling open spots with their bikes parked next to them. Some are laughing with friends, some are reading, some are simply laying back; taking in the beautiful spring day. Some of the conversations I overhear I can understand.

Jan 7 4:31am

Heiligdommen Herinnerd/Sanctuaries Remembered

by Shanela

In my last post, I wrote about how Amsterdam helped me find answers. However, in the two weeks since arriving home, I’ve realized that Amsterdam also gave me sanctuaries, spaces out in the world that made me feel just as safe. For this last post, I’ve gathered my memories of the places that I’ll miss the most. Perhaps they can be sanctuaries for someone else now. 

Jan 3 7:03am

Preparing for Change

by Josiah

Another semester has come to an end, and we roll into yet another December break. A typical December break for me is family-filled from beginning to end. We eat together, play soccer together, and shovel snow together. Living in Maine is unique. By comparison to large American cities, it's very rural; without a car, you're very limited in what you can do.

Dec 31 12:14pm

Pack Light, and Pack Right: Advice to Prepare for a Semester to Remember

by Betsy

From researching the weather to opening a bank account to taking as many photos as you can, here are a few words of advice from me and my classmates to future study abroad students.