Sam Wherley

<p>My name is Sam Wherley. I grew up in central Pennsylvania, but I have had the good fortune to study and travel abroad several times, including two semesters and a Fulbright in Spain as well as trips with my college choir and family through Europe and elsewhere. I am now pursuing a Master's of International Affairs at Penn State University and I am thrilled to be in Dublin this summer with IES. I cannot overemphasize the value of my experiences abroad and the enthusiasm with which I encourage others to study abroad.</p>

2022 Summer 1
2022 Summer 2
Home University:
Penn State University
State College, Pennsylvania
International Affairs, Spanish

Blogs by Sam Wherley

Footprints along the sandy shoreline as the tide comes in.
Sam Wherley,


As my time in Ireland draws to a close, I think about what impact I leave behind me there and what I will carry forward in terms of the place’s impact upon me...

View from rocky hilltop, overlooking distant hills, town, and coast.
Sam Wherley,

"The Mountains are Calling..."

It’s never been intentional as a habit of any sort, but, whenever I’m spending time in a new city, I tend to find the highest point around and walk to the top...