Mae Murray

<p>Mae Murray is a current junior at Providence College in Providence, RI where she studies Global Studies, as well as minors in Spanish, Music, and Latin American Studies.&nbsp;Within her major of Global Studies, Mae is concentrating in "storytelling", with the goal of her academic life being one that reflects an awareness of and ability to communicate the realities of our interconnected world, including its vast amount of cultures, governments, and economies as well as the global issues which exist within them. Aside from her academic interests, Mae also enjoys participating in orchestra where she plays the flute, experimenting with photography and cooking for anyone she can. Her time in Buenos Aires will not only support her interests in the Spanish Language and Latin American cultures and societies but give her an impactful experience about a new society to relate back to those at home.</p>

Home University:
Providence College
Rockville Centre, NY
Global Studies

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