Kelsie Seehusen

<p>Kelsie is a junior at Skidmore College, double majoring English and music. Her academic interests include creative nonfiction, piano performance, German language, and feminist theory. When she isn&#39;t in class or at the library, Kelsie spends her time playing piano, writing personal essays, knitting, or just curling up with a good book and a few cats. While studying in Vienna, Kelsie hopes to improve her German and piano skills, as well as immerse herself in Viennese culture.</p>

2016 Spring
Home University:
Skidmore College
English, Music

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Kelsie Seehusen,

Musings on Music

Vienna is the home of classical music, and I've learned a lot about the subject this semester--just not in the ways I expected.

fallback blogs
Kelsie Seehusen,

On Homesickness

There's one inevitable fact about studying abroad: You are going to miss home.