Kat Peterson

<p>Hi, I'm Kat! I'm a junior at Scripps College and come from a small town called Beaumont in California (about halfway between L.A. and Palm Springs). I am a Linguistics and Spanish, Latin American, and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures dual major. I would describe myself as a Netflix junkie and culture enthusiast. I love to have movie nights with my friends, talk to people about their ancestry, check out museums, and cook Buzzfeed Tasty recipes!</p>

2021 Fall
Home University:
Scripps College
Beaumont, CA
Linguistics, Spanish

Blogs by Kat Peterson

Kat Peterson,

Balancing Finals and Final Weeks

As we near the end of our study abroad journey, I have found myself experiencing a rush of mixed emotions—but mostly stress. There’s still so much to see and do...

Kat Peterson,

Thoughts on Remembering Time Abroad

There are so many ways to remember your time abroad. After listening to filmmaker Abid Khan's talk at our IES office, I started to reflect on how I want to...