Joshua Andino

<p>Well as you can tell from the headshot I used, I don't take myself overly seriously. I'm twenty years old and a son of Cuban exiles, born and raised in Miami, Florida. I have a particularly interesting outlook on the world - one brought about by the Cuban heritage I take with me (and maybe one or two run-ins with my own mortality, but no biggie!) for living well and loving life unpretentiously and earnestly. The experience of friendships, connections, experiences, and memories are what drive me to make the most of wherever I am, and explore everything - the people, the history and culture, the problems we all face, and that we are all fundamentally more alike than different. I'm a junior at Bates College, majoring in Politics with the idea of one day getting into law and leaving the world a bit better than I found it. On the off chance that I'm not working or studying, I like throwing myself into anything that seems like a challenge, regardless of whatever it is. On my off time, I like being able to just sit outside and soak in the day or night, relax, and appreciate the world around me.</p>

2018 Fall
Home University:
Bates College
Miami Springs, FL
Political Science

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